This is a Q&A site for those who wish to ask Tianrang some questions.
This site has been placed in order to compensate for any subjects that we haven’t discussed in our book, “I’m from the stars” or for any contents that need further explanation. Also you will be able to access to some photos of our author Tianrang and her recent status from here.

How do the messages from above come to me?

In my case, the information comes rushing in continuously in massive amounts whenever “they” please. So it is a kind of one-way communication for me. If I tried to get any information from them, that is quite difficult. I will have to ask them many times, “Please tell me what to do, please give me some advice….” And then eventually the answer comes and the problem just solves itself. I do ask them things at times, but overall I am certain that I am lead to the right direction and there is no reason I should go against the big flow of the universe. Rather I am looking forward to what is to come and just enjoying it!

What is it like to be in Sirius?

It was not like I was “living” on another planet, but the memory of Sirius remains, as I existed, as a consciousness. It is quite hard to describe how that felt but if I may put it into words, it would be like the highest “Love” the highest wisdom…some feeling like that.

Some people ask me, how could you live on a “star” it should be as hot as the sun. How can you survive such environment? It is because it is not like living with a physical body, not like the 3rd dimension life on earth. To exist on Sirius is to exist as light and as a consciousness. What we are aiming for now is to make earth a place we can exist in between. Half light and half physical.

How will the law of attraction change?

Since the earth is changing, there have been many changes of rules also.
Previously the law of attraction worked, even for the benefit of a selfish individual but now this has changed.

Now, if something is done based on “Love” everything will go smoothly in a rapid speed. But, if anything is done selfishly it will attract immediate destruction.

If one tries to satisfy a selfish desire, this will trigger destruction. So this is why many scandals are revealed and coming to the surface. People will not be able to do whatever selfish things they used to do. You will be able to see this clearly, what is collapsing now is what we don’t need in the new earth…economy, society, nuclear facilities, nations, ruling power…these things are what we will not be able to take to the higher dimensions.

How are the technologies on other stars?

Technologies on other stars are not like the machines and gadgets on earth. Earth technology is almost like a stone hammer compared to the technologies in the universe.

Technologies on other stars do not have a form, but it is rather like lights, sounds or vibrations. So to explain the technology to fly a space ship will be “It flies by our will”. This is their technology and is something beyond our wildest imaginations. Actually these technologies are already introduced to earth but kept secret by the dark forces, the ruling class on earth.

If all the technologies of the universe were freely distributed on earth, there would be advanced medicines to cure any and all diseases and aging would stop. Advanced technologies of agriculture would be introduced so no one would be hungry, free energy would be distributed and there would be no need for oil.
These technologies would benefit all humans if we were able to use it. But for the ruling class who benefit mainly from oil related industries, pharmaceutical industries, food industries the introduction of new technologies would mean the end of their exploitation, so they will do everything to prevent the technologies from being known and shared amongst us.

The people we are about to meet at this stage

Starting from this period, you will start to realize that the new people you meet, are all an important part of your spiritual path. This means not one way but both ways, you will benefit each other and this creates a wonderful cycle. This cycle will eventually become a positive spiral and this spiral will come together as a tornado of “Love” which will eventually trigger the Earth’s Ascension. Earth’s Ascension will not happen personally but all of us will participate.

What kind of powers will we have after the Earth’s Ascension?

After the Ascension we will gradually be able to change our physical body freely into whatever shape we like by using our will power. How well it can be done will depend on the how much energy you can create and the quality of it. It’s hard to imagine how “will power” can make this happen but this is exactly what we will be calling “technology”.

We are all energies and to alter this energy is equal to science. Space ships can also fly with this “will power” technology. Technology will no longer be like machines or metal parts. It will be the ability to utilize the energy that exists in the air like plasma or by using your own energy.

Is the earth perfect?

The earth may now look chaotic, but in reality earth is so perfect and everything is working in order as a piece of a puzzle that fits perfectly into place at the perfect timing. It is too perfect that one will be in awe if they could see it. Every single thing that happens is related to something and all is flowing towards one direction. When you are able to see this, how perfect everything is, then you will have no more reason to worry about anything and we can just surrender to the flow, leaving everything in the hands of the universal flow.

How can you live without earning money?


I just finished the book. Read it in one day. I agree on many parts of your book.
Though I wonder how you can live without earning money. With the world as it is you would shortly be
starving & homeless.

Help from good peoples would only last a short time.
I would greatly like to know how this is done.Thank you


First of all, in order to attract prosperity, you need to attract LUCK.We all have the ability to manifest our near future.
But we tend to focus on things we “don’t” have, ex: I don’t have a job, dont have money, how am I gonna pay my mortgage,
no one wants to help me…etc

This list can go on and will lead you no where.
Rather, try to count those things you “do” have! You will realize that you have a lot more than you imagined.

First you have your life, you had time to read my book, you have a mobile phone, and internet connection and maybe a job, your job may not be your exact ideal job, but finding your ideal job or ideal hobby may help you remember your true self.

Maybe your dream was to become a baker, to make cakes and cookies…try to switch your mind to think about “How I can make my dreams come true”, without thinking of the amount of salary or any other conditions…just like when you were a child.

Children are shining because they live their dreams and are free to choose without condition.
Living your dream will emit bright light from your heart and leave a marking of “hope” in the sky, which will reach to people around you, beings in the universe and to god…To do whatever you love to do, will become power to emit your light, you will shine brightly and naturally you will get all the help you need. “This is how you attract LUCK”

You have all the time in the world, so “not enough time” is not an excuse.
Please try to live your dream, do what pleases you, ask your inner self “What do I love to do?”
You are the one, who can change yourself and the world…

Me myself I am living using my savings, if my savings become half the amount, I plan to eat half, live in a house that costs half,
and will spend half the amount I spend now and release any thing costly.
I do not earn any money and own no car or house, I live in a room in a share house with a bunch of surfers and have a little fridge,
a microwave oven, a toaster and a suitcase with clothes and shoes.

Previously, I had all the luxury things I wanted, but I am happier now.I do whatever I please and I don’t have to worry about being judged by others.

Soon the world’s economic system will change, and this change has already started. The first step of Ascention will be the colapse of the world economy which has put too much weight on capitalism. A new ecenomic system which is equally fair to everyone will commence. Then the redistributution of wealth for all to be able to live equaly will be done and money economy
will come to an end.

All things that we and the society are letting go of now, are things we do not need in the new earth, things we need to let go, things that are merely a heritage of the past.

Some people feel that we are losing something or being robbed…but we are just letting go of “greed” since it is not necessary anymore.


My husband can see the future, and I have had strange spiritual experiences too, what can this mean?

My husband has been seeing the future since he was 2 years old, and everything happens later exactly as he sees it¨. What is the sense of this? Who is he really? He has had 7 near-death experiences while meditating. I myself have had spiritual experiences. We have seen lots of UFO´s. Saw ourselves surrounded by a white light. The radio was off but there was music, and so on.

Hi, I guess you have heard of “Dejavus” before.
The feeling that you have seen a certain scene before….
This is one small example of the six senses that we all have, but most of us haven’t had a chance to develop it and have forgotten it in our daily social lives.

These six senses are a very important factor in our lives but for “leaders” who want to rule the “modern world”, this gift that humans carry is an inconvenience. So we were told that our gifts do not exist and it was sealed, as though it never existed and never will. Although it was done so, many people on earth like you and your husband, naturally developed their gifts. Many people do not openly admit it since these things are said to be not “normal ”.

I’m sure you understand since you have had spiritual experiences, that “miracles do exist”. We in our daily lives are experiencing many miracles but do not always realize. By taking notice of these small miracles, we enable ourselves to develop our gifts within. We tend to think, as same human beings the level of our skills should be more or less the same, but actually it isn’t. We each develop our skills through many lifetimes and experiences, so what we gain from these immeasurable times of repetition will end up very differently for each individual.

It is hard to imagine in our heads how big the differences of each of our skills can be, isn’t it? To try to understand people is to think with our brains, but to love people is to simply accepting them through your hearts and joining together with them just as they are.

We will soon realize what we humans really are, and this is going to be some information that goes way beyond our current understanding. But don’t worry, we will be able to understand since our new skills will develop. The time of Ascention will be a miraculous happy surprise for all. Keep bright and cheerful, I hope you are enjoying together with your husband, the miracles that are surrounding you now.

I am a lightworker and came from Sirius too

Hello Tianlang,

I am a fellow lightworker who recently discovered that I too am from the Sirius star system.
I am told that I am a hybrid of Sirius A & B and have come to earth as an ambassador
in this incarnation. This information really resonates with me and I am happy to make contact
with another fellow Sirian! I enjoyed reading your story and am happy that you are openly
sharing your journey with the world regardless of what others may say. I too am very open
with my spiritual gifts obtained on my journey here on earth. I had the experience of working
closely with Japanese engineers while employed with a Japanese company and came to understand
the culture pretty well. It pains me to see the lack of enlightenment the country is enduring.
Your work here is inspiring and you continue to make great strides in bringing mankind into the
higher vibrations. I have nothing to ask of you at this time, but I did want to take the
opportunity to make contact
with you to express my appreciation for your work. Namaste.


Thank you so much for your understanding, your encouragement and for sharing your love!
Thanks to this book, I have received many messages saying “me too am from the stars!”.
We are actually never alone but until recent, we were not really able to connect with each other.
Many beings from other star systems were made to hide to avoid being too different from others
But now this has to change. I am happy that we can now come out openly and claim ourselves.
We are the ones to represent the Universe and to present the new ways of earth and its people,
to spread love so that they will not be tossed about in the turmoil of change!